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(me) Ask.

(me+2) This journal is mainly, but not exclusively, music, fandom, photography and media-related chatter. I mostly f-lock these days but feel free to friend me, or defriend as you like. I love meeting new people (even if I'm pretty damn terrible at it) there's no need to ask. Also, if by some chance you think you know me out in 'ze real world', let yourselves be known or 'Eff right off.

(fandomevolution) i swing both rays [and a fraser]. slayer and the gang. mully and sculldoon [and the cigarette smoking man]. hobbits. pirates who look like johnny depp. [cambridge]spies. bushrangers. elves. paratroopers [easy co. on me!]. wizards. californian emo teens. marauders. 80s popstars. chain-smoking anti-heros. the new scottish gentry. browncoats, crew and fugitives. mi5 not 9 to 5. and it all goes to hell. the scientist and the military man. the brothers winchester. the band that wants to save your life.

This journal includes adult related discussion and fiction.

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We're miles away from nowhere And the wind doesn't have a name So call it what you want to call it Still blows down the lane People tell me, I haven't changed at all But I don't feel the same And I bet you've had that feeling too.

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1940s/50s hairstyles, 70s beads, 80s films, 80s goth, 80s synth electro pop, 90s europop dance, angst-ridden fic-novels, anti-gmo politics, baking, band of brothers, barry's tea, bear grylls, big hair, big skies, black books, black leather, blogging, blues, bob dylan, bowie, brothers winchester, bus-stop conversations, cabaret, classic cars, comedy, constantine, cooking, crafting, dancing, dancing late, darkrooms, dirrrrty blues rock, duckie, duesouth, dylan moran, eels, ello ello, ephemera, erotica, experimenting, fanmixing, folk, found photographs, geeway saving us all, gilmore girls, gossip girl, growing my own (food!), hair-cock-rawk music, heroes, hp, jaffa cakes, james joyce, japan (the band), jeff buckley, kinks, kitsch, leather jackets, lee miller, life on mars, lindyhop, liquor, live music, liverpool, lolz, luz/lipton, luz/toye, making jam thekindthat'sgoodontoast, mediaeval baebes, mighty boosh, mmmm fashion, music, muybridge, old buttons, paris in the springtime, pathé newsreels, pegg/wright, pints!, pithy journalism, planxty, psychobilly, qotsa, red dwarf, roadtrips, rock n roll, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, rps, sga, shenanigating, sideshows, simple pleasures, sleeping in, spaced, spn, stereoscopes, stream of consciousness, sufjan stevens, supernatural, swing, swing bands, take that, taking photos, talbert/grant, the black keys, the dark ofthe matinee, the pacific, the secret garden, the tellybox, the uncanny, the word fuck, tom wood, travelling, trawling charity-shops for vinyl, tt, vegetarianism, walking everywhere, walled gardens, wide open spaces, woollen-socks & frilly-panties, x-files
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